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maiolica Italian pottery made by Deruta craftsmen
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About Us

A Message from Carol Le Witt


BENVENUTI A CERAMICA, the best place for finding Italian Maiolica for your tableware and decorative needs. Twenty-five years ago, my family was searching for a set of dishes for our new home in Spoleto, Italy. My husband and I went to Rome only to discover the pottery we admired most was made locally, almost in our backyard.

The craftsmen of Deruta were continuing the centuries old tradition of creating maiolica. Developed more than 600 years ago, it's the technique of applying a glossy base glaze whitened with tin oxide onto fired clay pottery. Then vivid colors are added and the pieces fired again. The finished work is shiny and rich with colors as warm as an Italian landscape.

My husband Sol, an artist of international renown, asked the Deruta artisans to produce our dinnerware. The results were spectacular and today Ceramica is proud to offer both contemporary adaptations and traditional maiolica patterns in a fabulous variety of pieces for dining and decorative use.

The artisans who produce maiolica carry on the proud traditions of their families and villages. The pottery studios were once in danger of closing, but today their skills and creativity are in demand worldwide. At Ceramica, we are honored to have played a part in the revival and renaissance of classic Italian pottery.

We are always searching for genuine traditional designs, with an eye to combining elements for exciting patterns and colors. While we base our designs on faience techniques, we have made sure to adapt the glazes to meet today's lifestyles.

All 22 patterns of Ceramica's hand-painted tableware are lead free and dishwasher safe. My staff and I encourage customers to set their tables with abandon and not be afraid to experiment with several different patterns.

For ideas, gift registries, or to treat yourself, we invite you to browse through our online catalog or plan a visit to one of our store locations.

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to Talk To Us by sending your comments, questions or suggestions.

Until then, Ciao!

Carol LeWitt

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