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maiolica Italian pottery made by Deruta craftsmen
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Maiolica (pronounced “my o lica”) is fired earthenware coated with an opaque tin oxide glaze. Then hand-painted in vivid colors and beautiful designs and fired twice for durability.  Its name is derived from the tiny Isle of Majorca near Spain. But the twice fired earthenware can be traced back to Mesopotamia of the 9th century A.D. arriving in Italy around the 13th century.  For generations, Italian Maiolica has captivated and delighted the world with it’s combination of lush color and intricate patterns on pottery for all kinds of uses.

From the beginning, the art of creating Maiolica was a family enterprise. From digging and pouring the clay into molds to selling individual pieces, families have cultivated and developed their art and signature patterns for centuries. Today, craftsmen from the villages of Deruta and Montelupo Fiorentino in the Umbrian and Tuscan regions still produce Maiolica the old fashioned way.

At Ceramica we are dedicated to being your premiere source for the finest Italian Maiolica available today. Whatever your taste or decorating preference, we offer a wonderful variety of choices to complement every fashion and color palette.

Visit one of our store locations to enjoy Italian Maiolica at its finest.

Auguri....All the best!!

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